Twentian Design

Yesterday I started in my new job as Assistent Professor at the University of Twente. I have not logged in to my new account yet, I have to move all my stuff yet, my laptop is almost ordered for me, I have no employee card yet and no coffee-card (but I do have a desk with a nice view!) but most of all what I do have: I counted 64 new students in the design project we started yesterday, and a small group of dedicated colleagues pushing students to put the ‘human’ into design wherever possible. I am very curious to see what Twentian Design looks like, and how I can contribute to its development. Together with our second year students yesterday we kicked off a new project called Tools for Empowerment, a follow-up of the theme I had been exploring in Utrecht with the Interactive Media Products semester. I did not have time to blog about that project but it was actually quite succesful: One team won a prize for best creative minor programme with an interactive lighting tool for autistic patients. To be continued!