Talks etc

Talks & Events:


  • June 29. Neurodiversity Design. Keynote at NHL Leeuwarden / MEE-Lab symposium.


  • Nov 24. Design your Life. Talk at Well-Being Weeks University of Twente.
  • Oct 19-22 Embodied Sensemaking and Design. Talk and Invited Visit Lab Ylva Ferneus KTH Stockholm.
  • Oct 8. Design your Life. Talk and Workshop at Autminds: a meeting of minds. Amsterdam.
  • Feb 4. Guest Lecture at University of Würzburg, Germany. “Embodied Interaction Design”
  • Feb 13th-16th. Presenting a full paper at the 16h ACM TEI conference.


  • Feb 14. Co-chairing the Graduate Consortium at TEI 2021
  • March 4. Guest Lecture University of Utrecht: Embodied Interaction.
  • Oct 5. Talk given at OGD Utrecht (Inclusion and Diversity workgroup meeting).
  • Oct 10. Workshop given at Autminds 2021. See link.


  • Dec 14. Design your Life, a talk/workshop at iXperium, Han University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Nov 5, Nov 7 – Two talks at Philosophy of Human Technology Relations Conference (virtual).
  • March 5. Guest Lecture University of Utrecht: Embodied Interaction.
  • March 2 – Guest Lecture Kolding Embodied Interaction Design. (Due to the COVID19 this lecture turned into an online lecture and workshop).
  • Feb 9-12, Visiting the Tangible, Embodied and Embedded Interaction Conference in Sydney Australia!
  • Feb 18, Invited lecture at Workshop Embodied interactions, Languaging and the Dynamic Medium, Lyon, France


  • Jan 14, Lezing: Design Your Life. Netwerkoverleg Autisme Regio Gooi en Eemland.
  • Nov 23, Keynote: Breaking Frames, First European Paediatric Physiotherapy Congress, Utrecht,
  • Nov 21: Guest Lecture University of Tilburg: Breaking Frames. Gast Seminar Diversity and Equity in Health and Medicine’ master ‘Health Humanities’.
  • Oct 3: Lezing: Design Your Life: Technologie en Levensloop begeleiding bij autisme. NVA Gelderland, Arnhem.
  • Aug 29: Invited talk, Design for Diversity, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
  • June 18: Invited to give the Neurodiversity lecture at Neurodiversity Pride day, Raadhuis Amstelveen.
  • June 17: Giving a workshop Diversity Computing at BIAS2019, Radboud Nijmegen.
  • April: Giving a talk at the Garage2020 Hackaton on Youth Care @ Designlab Twente.
  • March: I will be visiting TEI2019 in Tempe, Arizona.
  • March: My students Niels and Suhaib will each present a paper at RTD2019, Delft, Netherlands,
  • February 25. Guest Lecture University of Utrecht: Embodied Interaction


  • Oct Invited talk at Congress Basis-GGZ Utrecht, Netherlands on Empowering Technologies.
  • Sep Keynote for National Autism Society, London on Empowering Technology.
  • April Invited to workshop for Autistica, London, on autism-friendly space design.
  • Feb. Guest lecture at Utrecht University on Embodied Interaction Design.
  • March. Presenting at Powertools Finale Event. Utrecht.
  • May. Attending Lorentz Centre Workshop Embodied Smart Objects in the Home
  • May. Poster presentation at INSAR conference Rotterdam
  • June 1. Presenting at Symposium Health x Tech
  • June 18 Phd Defense Philemonne Jaasma Eindhoven
  • July 12/13 Conference Philosophy of Human Technology Relations


  • KEYNOTE: July 6th, Köln, Germany, “Out of your Mind, Into your Body: from theory to Inspiration” at DIGILITY2017 conference on AR and VR.
  • KEYNOTE: July 2nd, Valencia, Spain, “Embodied Interactions with Autism”, at Innovative Technologies for Autism Spectrum Disorders – International Conference
  • March 20-23 Chair Graduate Consortium ACM Tangible, Embodied and Embedded Interaction Conference, Yokohama, Japan
  • March, 7, Invited speech: The Embodied Design Framework. at Milan Politecnico Phd Festival, Milan.
  • Jan 18 Talk at Designing Quality in Interaction Group, Eindhoven University of Technology.


  • Nov: Talk at Philosophy of Technology and Technological Mediation Utwente.
  • Nov: Start Embodied Interaction Master course at University of Twente (2nd edition)
  • Oct 18 Invited talk Master Industrial Design Delft
  • Sept 23 Invited talk Cognitive Science, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Sept 18 Invited talk Autism Europe Congress Edinburgh
  • Sept 16 Workshop Hogeschool Utrecht
  • Sept 15 Invited talk Hogeschool Amsterdam
  • June 6. Guest Lecture for IPO team @ Hanzehogeschool Groningen.
  • May 7. Attending workshop at CHI16, San Jose, California.
  • Maart 17. Guest lecture at Utrecht University on Embodied Interaction Design.


  • November 16. Guest lecture at SDU Kolding, Denmark, on Designing for Embodied Being-in-the-World
  • April 22-24, presenting a full paper (with Caroline Hummels) at EAD11in Paris, France
  • March 23, Guest Lecture at Computer Science (Game Technology) at Utrecht University


  • 16-19 June, together with Jacob Buur and others I host a ‘Conversation’ at DRS in Umeå, Sweden
  • 3 April, Daniel Egerer presents our paper at Chi-Sparks The Hague.
  • 27 February. 17:00 I give a Flux Lecture at HKU (Utrecht Art Academy), Dept. of Games & Interaction. Hilversum.
  • 24 February I give a Guest Lecture at Utrecht University, Dept. of Computer Science.<br>
  • KEYNOTE 10-11 February 2014 I give a key-note and an activity at the Rotterdam Hogeschool International week. The topic will be embodied interaction and the city.
  • 16-19 February 2014 I will present a full paper and Work-in-Progress poster at the ACM Tangible, Embodied and Embedded Interaction conference in München, Germany.