Today I was at the Postgraduate Embodied Technology Symposium organised mainly by Robb Mitchell of SDU Design in Sønderborg Denmark, for which many thanks to Robb!! The goal of this day was for students to practice giving talks and responding to them at a conference. But at the same time it was also a way for the researchers, together with the students, to explore this strange new topic we chose to name Embodied Technology or even Co-Embodied Technology. It was a nice day with talks and activities and demo’s. I will miss all these people when I go back to the Netherlands! It’s been a great time here in Sønderborg, with lot’s of space for thinking, doing, exploring, creating and interacting. Let’s try to create environments where there is much room for that: thinking, doing, exploring, creating and interacting. Think about how many spaces and situations there are in our lives where there is practically no room for any of those things. What you think is denied or forbidden. What you do is ignored or counter-acted. What you explore is deemed irrelevant or stupid. What you create is laughed at or broken. And the people you interact with seem to do everything they can to obstruct any smooth form of interaction. Too bad. At least in Sønderborg I experienced none of that. Something to be cherished!