Moving back in…

So, it is good to be back on this weblog. I need to find a good theme, unpack the boxes, put some colour on the walls. But at least I’m back here. For the past couple of years I had forgotten about how to reinstall the software, and I was lazy, and I was busy, and I was on Facebook. That took a lot of my time, Facebook. But now I have deleted my Facebook account. Dave Egger’s The Circle had some influence. This weblog has quite a different intention. It is not meant to be in social contact with everybody all the time. It is a place where I keep my thoughts, and invite others to respond, and think along with me. It is not meant to an ever present ‘online’ parallel world to the real world. And it certainly is not meant to be more relevant or real or meaningful than the real world. This is my thinking space, which is different from the physical-social embodied reality that I live. It is a derivative of it, a reflection on it, and I will make do perfectly without these reflections when things really matter. You could say that when nothing is happening on this website, then this probably means I am living my life, and therefore I have no time to be here. But when I take a step back and reflect on my actions, this could be a good place to do it. It is more like a notebook. Or a book. Or a paper. The text I will write here is intended to function like text used to function, and like what writing used to be about, before written language was hi-jacked and turned into this erupting vulcano of blurb that is Facebook and Twitter.

The only question is whether you will be able to find me, and refind me, within the social media haystack. I would like to avoid posting these posts on Facebook or Twitter to grab your attention, but then will you ever actively decide to visit this website? We’ll see. Perhaps if you don’t, you had no need for it, and then who am I to bother you with this? Perhaps there’s other options. For now, this was my Hello World, the first post in this new-old

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