Gradually moving away from Twitter

I am not happy with the amount of time I spend on twitter. At the same time Twitter offers a network of people that are often fun, interesting and relevant for me. I am just not the kind of person that takes one cookie and then puts the bag back in the drawer like an adult. And if you eat to much you get sick. Originally my idea for twitter was simply to tell the world about my research. So a professional goal. I want to go back to that as much as I can. My new strategy is that I have created a new password for twitter that is very complex, that I will not save on my machines. I wrote it on a piece of paper that I am going to save somewhere in a box that takes effort to open and find. The password is stored in my weblog so I can still post to twitter, but I can no longer like and retweet nor see my DM’s etc. It’s a stupid trick of course. The only real solution will be to quit Twitter altogether. I quit Facebook in 2013 and am very happy about that.