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Part 3 of the #EmbodiedInteraction lecture on Action Perception Couplings

Lecture 5 of the #embodiedinteraction course is about action-perception couplings, and this first part sets the scene for explaining the concept of James Gibson’s affordances (in part 2, soon to follow)

Third lecture online – on Distributed Representation and Computation.

Lecture 2 (part 1 and part 2) are published online!

Let’s work on being-together again. Suddenly we became aware again of one another and of the things about us. People emerged from their seclusion and anonymity through their heroism, their selfless exertions, through acts of kindness and sometimes simply through …

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Today Abeba Birhane and I tweeted out our paper on Robot Rights (and why we think the whole idea makes no sense). I am just posting it here so you can find it again if you need it. Preprint for …

Robot Rights? Let’s talk about Human Welfare instead Read More »

Uitgesproken op 18 Juni 2019 Raadhuis Amstelveen ter gelegenheid van Neurodiversity Pride Day Jelle van Dijk “Ik wil de Stichting Neurodiversiteit hartelijk danken voor deze uitnodiging.” “In Forbes magazine vond ik onlangs een artikel over een wearable ontwikkeld door onderzoekers …

Neurodiversiteitsrede 2019 Ontwerpen voor Diversiteit. Read More »