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83Jelle van Dijk

MA/Msc Cognitive Science, 2000, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Phd Industrial Design, 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Master Course: Embodied Interaction (nov-feb)

Reviewer for: ACM-CHI, ACM-TEI (AC), ACM-PD, DRS, Ubicomp, DIS, and others.
Chairing: Work in Progress TEI’16; Graduate Consortium TEI’17

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I am a researcher, teacher, writer, speaker and I draw comics. I am an Assistant Professor in the Human Centred Design group of Mascha van der Voort at the University of Twente. My research concerns the embodiment of human cognition (or human being more generally speaking) and how this plays out in the design of interactive technology. In the past years my main focus has centred on designing interactive technology supporting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder in everyday life. My overall aim is the creation of technology that adds meaning to our everyday life – technology that enables people to be most fully themselves. My suggestion is that in order to create such technologies we should turn away (more than is currently the case) from information-processing as a driving concept for developing technology and instead ask, in our design of mixed physical-digital systems, to fully appreciate people’s bodily skills, as well as the way they are embedded in social practices. I am interested in phenomenology, (radical) embodied cognition theory, participatory design, co-design, participatory innovation, research-through-design, learning, cognitive development, ethnography, ethnomethodology, sensorimotor coupling, traces, skills, scaffolds, social coordination, nonverbal communication, external representation (what is representation, if it is not the basis of cognition), science-and-technology studies, creativity and reflection-on-action. One burning issue on my wish-list is to be able to say something about all of this in relation to the brain, as I have some education and work-experience in cognitive neuroscience (EEG, fMRI), but up until now have always found the popular theories of brain function to be quite unsatisfactory and incompatible with the embodied perspective.

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